DIY Pocket Update

I am loving the ethnic prints and colored patterns this spring, but I'm not at a point where I would wear a full out multi-color patterned piece.

This DIY is perfect for those of you that are like me, want to be on trend, but is a bit hesitant to go all in!

It totally changes the look of the shorts, don't you think? And you can clearly do it with long jeans as well!

My parents got a rug once in Mexico, and it's just been lying around collecting dust, so I thought I would put it to good use updating a pair of Abercrombie cut-off shorts. I cut a piece of fabric, adjusted it to fit the pocket perfectly and stitched in on by hand! (That way, you can remove it when you are sick of it, or change fabric by mood) If you don't like to sew,  use fabric glue!! It's as easy as that! :)

Ps. The studded trim I cut of these shoes


, are going in the pockets of the denim shorts, I'm overly excited to show you the outcome!

On a completely different note, I think I have to take back what I wrote about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 


 post. Still loving the product thought so no change there, but I must day that I am now on day 10 and they don't look that fresh anymore. Still way nicer than polish after 10 days, but still. So please adjust your expectations accordingly :)

Coachella Celeb Style

The Coachella festival basically set the standard for summer festival looks for the young and hip.

This year will prob be no different. Here are a few of my fav looks from the festival.  As always boho is a must, I mean its festival season after all.

Check out Rihanna's shorts! Pretty rocking, and so easy to DIY!!! Some studs and an old pair of jeans and you are on your way! Loving Kate's tigerT (do you know where she got it??) and Vansessa's feather head pice!! We will def be seeing way more of this as the music festival season rolls out!

Via: 12, 3, 4


Old Shirt, New Skirt!

I know I have been ranting so much about spring in Norway, and well… the world decided to prove me wrong. I woke up in disbelief today thinking: I must still be dreaming (a horrible nightmare about living inside a snow globe, brr), but no.. time to face the fact.. it was actually snowing outside, big, bright, golf ball size cotton balls.. I guess this is what I get from living where only polar bears are made to live.

A few weeks back when there was still green grass on the ground (I know that sounded backwards, and trust me it totally feel backwards!!), a nice 15C and the sky was bright blue (aw, what a great time). I was going out to see friends, I had not yet taken my summer wardrobe down from the attic (and now its def staying up there) but wanted to wear a skirt. So here is a tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt from a stretch long sleeve.

How great is this? It gave me so many more outfits with no extra cost, I mean we all have some long-sleeved laying around right?

The best part for? No cutting included so you can wear it as a long sleeve again tomorrow if you want! More bang for your wardrobe buck is always awesome!

By the way, if you are wondering why I don't have hands. Right back at ya!! I guess my mum doesn't like my hands and decided to chop them off in every single picture.


T-shirt Update Kate Spade Style

Bonjour everyone! I am back from an amazing trip to Paris, what a city!! Returning with a massive flu and pumped full of antibiotics, oh well.. all worth it! 

I will give you all a load-down of the amazing places we visited as soon as I'm fever free. I am sure you are all aware of my Kate Spade obsession by now. The bi-daily email update always bring me so much inspiration and this lovely T was just screaming DIY. How cool is it that, they are making something as casual as a T into such a pulled together piece. I decided to update my fav J.crew T and add a black bow. 

Photocredit right picture

All you need is a T, needle and thread, and some gros grain ribbon (I got mine from a fancy shopping bag, how great is that?? recycling rocks! This specific bags is from one of my fav shoe stores! It is in Trondheim, so my mum and I always visit when we are up there!  30 min and some sewing later, tata! Can't wait to wear it!!



*update* The winner of the Bow giveways is..... comment nr 5 (chosen by """"Jilly Mar 1, 2012 02:27 PM

I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks+these would be absolutely perfect to add to the shoes I planned on wearing! pick meeeee!""""

Thank you all so much for attending, we will def be doing this again! 


Hi Everyone,
Today I am going to host the first ever make it & fake it giveaway, YAY! Did you see my post over at Collegefashion the other day? We were making awesome shoe accessories that you can wear to spice up any pair of shoes. Although making it yourself is that much more satisfying, we are giving away that exact pair! So if you don’t have time, or (like me) just enjoy getting stuff in the mail enter the giveaway by:

1. Following make it and fake it on either bloglovin (here) or google friend connect (here) they are both great ways to stay connected with what we are doing every day, pick your poison :) 

2. Like Collegefashions facebook page, by clicking this link.

And there you go, now you just have to comment on this post (with your email) so that we are sure we can get in touch with you if you win! Have fun guys!

The contest will be open till Saturday 3rd of March 12.00am, Enjoy :)