DIY Parachute statement necklace

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It's Saturday again, and its so nice to get a little breather! I am instructing my bodybalance class later (as always on a Saturday) but right now, it's all sunshine, baking and relaxing with my sister (wow, let's pretend its the 50's shall we?)!

I have done several statement necklaces tutorials (ex here) but this is quickly turning into a favorite, just cause you can actually layer it with other necklaces (the more the merrier right?)

You will need: parachute thread (love this craft supplies, I also used it here) or if you can't find that I am sure shoelace would work just fine, chain, lobster clasp, string, a few beads (I used 5 big facetted round once), 25mm wide clamp rings from the hardware store and thats it! :)

I am using macrame technique for the brown center, (in depth of macrame how too here, more tutorials using macrame hereherehere and here! Wow, as you can see iv been doing this a lot, hahahaha)


DIY Macramé Jewelry Lock

This is overdue, I announced I would show you my most used lock on Friday, but the days just kept rolling by but now its finally done.

This might be waaay old news for the avid crafters out there, but for all of you that are just getting into jewelry making ill start doing posts about easy techniques to get you started (Crafting 101).

To make this lock all you need is some scraps of cotton thread (not waxed) and some clear nail polish to seal it. I mostly use it for bracelets, it`s super easy to do and easy to adjust so you dont need anyones help to put on your bracelets (am I the only one that struggles with everything except bangles??).

Tip: you need to have a knot or bead at the end of each of the sides of the bracelet, otherwise they will slip through the lock. 


DIY Pearl Charm Bracelet

My sister is finally home and it was a happy reunion. We have a full girls night planned (aka. 2 nights with Mac's, Nat geo on the TV and Nacho dip!!!)

I have really fallen back in love with seed beads! They make the cutest little bracelets and they are so great to stack.  Today we are making cute little once with a fresh water charm left from this DIY . Fresh water pearls are really cool, their uneven texture and chape just gives them a more natural look, that I love. 

Wearing: DIY bracelet here, seed bead bracelet without charm, two seed bead bracelet with pearl charm.

This DIY is sort of the base for a cool seed bead bracelet, you can do so many different combos with colors and charms. 

I have divided it in to 3 different tutorials (one to come tomorrow), just cause they can all be combined in many different ways.

For the base you will need, seed beads, the string I am using for the actual bracelet is sort of a fishline with a fabric-ish cover?? does anyone know that that is called in english?  

For the charm a head pin, round nosed pliers and some sort of bead, pearl or crystal. 

This is the base for the seed bead bracelet. I chose to add some fresh water pearl charms, this is how you make them yourself:

I mean it is super easy to just tie them to your wrist, but I like to make adjustable locks with just scraps of cotton string, ill show you how to do that tomorrow.


DIY Braid-a-Bracelet

The sun is peaking on a perfectly polished Saturday, aw (I know I shouldn't be saying cause I'm sure it will lead to clouds and rain... but it had to be shared!). But if rain does arrive (or if you are already in a rain cloud) this is the perfect DIY to keep you occupied. 

When I was up north last month Dadda (my grand mums sister) gave me an old sewing box with stuff that their mum had collected. It was filled with ribbon, cute buttons and old lace, I mean HEAVEN! 

The bracelet DIY for today is made with thin gross grain ribbon (from the 18hundreds.... actually), two jump rings, a lobster clasp and some gold chain.

Bracelets: Guest Post I made for U Create here, J.Crew wrap bracelet, today's DIY, DIY soon to come, DIY here, Spike bracelet from ASOS.


DIY Wrap Bracelet

There are so many great wrap bracelets out there, but Chan Luu is my fav! 

But for 220 Euros a piece they are a bit pricy!! Well, not to worry because they are suuuper easy to make yourself! it is a bit time consuming depending on how many times you want them to wrap, but so worth it!! When you are done, make a few knots that way you can regulate the size!! go crazy with beads and colors!! 

** updated instructions here**

You tie your thick cotton string and a transparent beading line (or fishing line, whatever you have around) to your button. Make sure that you have two long pieces of cotton string cause they will be your “base”.

Start by adding a bead to the transparent line, loop it around the left one cotton string, then back through your bead. Loop the transparent line around the right cotton string before you add your next bead. This you repeat until you have it as long as you would like your bracelet to be. When you are done you make a knot (making sure to include the transparent line and fasten it securely). Make another knot a bit from the first one, that will let you close your bracelet with the button. If you want to be able to adjust the size keep making knots for at many options as you would like (see the waaay bottom right picture).

** Update: the lengt of the strings I used was 25inch*2 (so 50) for the thick cotton string, and the same for the fish/beading line. **

Hope you are as thrilled by this as me!! (cause this might be my fav DIY in a long time!!) 


DIY Freshwater Pearl Earrings

This weekend could not come any sooner (Is that the case every week maybe??). I feel like I have been running a life marathon for the last months, in between visiting my grand pap, vaca in Pairs, spa with my mum, and normal work there hasn’t been time for much else! Not that I needed anything, these were all amazing events and so much fun, but it will be nice with a weekend with no plans (except a few dinners and a gym class, haha)! Well, hopefully I won't be bored for after so much action a full weekend of nothing might just be too much! I am counting on the blogosphere to keep me occupied. To be honest I am already getting ants in my pants, I need something fun to happen. 

I showed you the freshwater pearls earrings I made at my grands paps (here ) (digression: Man that was a crafty weekend, maybe up north is my inspirational heaven and I need to go there all the time now?? Anyway…) So, like I said I broke a pearl bracelet and decided to make it in to earrings.

You will need: round metal beads, earring hoops, fresh water pearls (or other beads, I am sure Swarovski beads would look great) and those metal pins with flat bottoms (what are they called please English speaking people?)

1. Add your bead to the pin.

2. Bend it around your round nosed pliers

3. After twisting it around the top of the bead a few times, cut off the excess.

4. Add the freshwater pearl "charms" you made and the round metall beads every other time.

5. Add as many as you want, I like them to be a bit over half full! attach the hoop and you are ready to wear them!! YAY :)

Try it with different beads and metal colors! Hope you enjoy! let me know how it goes!


Coachella Celeb Style

The Coachella festival basically set the standard for summer festival looks for the young and hip.

This year will prob be no different. Here are a few of my fav looks from the festival.  As always boho is a must, I mean its festival season after all.

Check out Rihanna's shorts! Pretty rocking, and so easy to DIY!!! Some studs and an old pair of jeans and you are on your way! Loving Kate's tigerT (do you know where she got it??) and Vansessa's feather head pice!! We will def be seeing way more of this as the music festival season rolls out!

Via: 12, 3, 4


Old Shirt, New Skirt!

I know I have been ranting so much about spring in Norway, and well… the world decided to prove me wrong. I woke up in disbelief today thinking: I must still be dreaming (a horrible nightmare about living inside a snow globe, brr), but no.. time to face the fact.. it was actually snowing outside, big, bright, golf ball size cotton balls.. I guess this is what I get from living where only polar bears are made to live.

A few weeks back when there was still green grass on the ground (I know that sounded backwards, and trust me it totally feel backwards!!), a nice 15C and the sky was bright blue (aw, what a great time). I was going out to see friends, I had not yet taken my summer wardrobe down from the attic (and now its def staying up there) but wanted to wear a skirt. So here is a tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt from a stretch long sleeve.

How great is this? It gave me so many more outfits with no extra cost, I mean we all have some long-sleeved laying around right?

The best part for? No cutting included so you can wear it as a long sleeve again tomorrow if you want! More bang for your wardrobe buck is always awesome!

By the way, if you are wondering why I don't have hands. Right back at ya!! I guess my mum doesn't like my hands and decided to chop them off in every single picture.


T-shirt Update Kate Spade Style

Bonjour everyone! I am back from an amazing trip to Paris, what a city!! Returning with a massive flu and pumped full of antibiotics, oh well.. all worth it! 

I will give you all a load-down of the amazing places we visited as soon as I'm fever free. I am sure you are all aware of my Kate Spade obsession by now. The bi-daily email update always bring me so much inspiration and this lovely T was just screaming DIY. How cool is it that, they are making something as casual as a T into such a pulled together piece. I decided to update my fav J.crew T and add a black bow. 

Photocredit right picture

All you need is a T, needle and thread, and some gros grain ribbon (I got mine from a fancy shopping bag, how great is that?? recycling rocks! This specific bags is from one of my fav shoe stores! It is in Trondheim, so my mum and I always visit when we are up there!  30 min and some sewing later, tata! Can't wait to wear it!!


Kate Spade Inspired Bangle

Remember this post about the Kate Spade bangles? Well, while I am out enjoying Paris I thought I'd show you how to make one!

What are your plans for Easter? I just love this holiday, spring is just coming around and life is just so much better now that the snow is melting. YEAH! :)

All you will need is some string, a bangle, a jump ring and a charm.

Twist the string around the bangle until you are half way, add the jump ring with the charm attached, keep going till you are all the way around and tie of!! I added a seahorse since I am wishing for summer, but there are so many color and charm options here! go crazy!!!

Woppi, you have yourself a new fav accessory!

 Try it yourself!!


Tribal Necklace DIY

Like previosly stated, this weekend I found a great new craft supplie! Parachute cord! You will defenitly be seeing me use way more of that! In this DIY it is combined with my passion for the hardware store! (hence the clamp rings)

For this necklace all you need is:

5 meters of cord, some embroderyfloss in the colors you like, two julmprings, a lock and 15mm wide clamp rings from the hardware store.

Such a great result for so little effort! love it!


Sister Sunday: Chicken Cake Pops

Hello everyone!

This week I got inspired by the amazing Bakerella to make some Easter inspired cake pops.
To make cake pops, you first mix equal parts of a cake and frosting for your choice. I usually go for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, because my opinion is that chocolate (and bacon, when I think about it) improves everything.
Roll balls, coat your lollipop stick in chocolate or candy melt and stick it in. Freeze for about 30 min before you coat your cake pop in melted chocolate. 
Decorate and enjoy!

 I don't know what you call a group of chickens, flock maybe? Or litter?
Edit: I googled this, and apparently a group of chicks are called peeps. Awesome!

+ sis

DIY Leaf Silver Nails

I have been way to busy to do anything fancy with my nails lately (totally boring). But since we were celebrating one of my best friends B’day on Saturday I thought I’d add some extra oomph to my hands! I had some extra leaf silver after doing these shoes (which if you haven't yet tried, you totally should!!). And loving metallic anything, I wanted to see if it would work for a mani. I didn’t know how this was going to turn out, but after some googeling I found that one of my daily readys has done gold toes, check it out here, so I figured it would work.

I choose a color that would accentuate silver, mine is Ulta Moody Blues (How awesome is blue and silver together??). 

I did a normal mani on my hands and waited for it all to dry.  Taped of what I wanted to keep blue, when I did the top coat I waited for it to dry just a bit, then added the leaf silver to my chosen areas. It was a bit tricky to get it right so maybe team up with a friend or sister! I absolutely loved the result and I am sure it would work so well for a French mani, Endless options! 

Top it off with another dose of top coat and you are ready to celebrate!!

Have fun with it and let me know how it goes!!


Kate Spade Bracelet inspiration

Who would have thought a trip to the hardware store would be heaven for a girly girl like me? But I LOVE it! Its my number one "go to" for cheap crafting gear and unexpected inspiration.  I went with my dad this weekend (YAY), so do expect some great hardware DIY's to come!! :)

Getting the Kate Spade newsletter this morning, I was like YES! How cool are these bangles? Having the monday blues? these are sure to cheer you up! :) They are the perfect DIY, wrap some string around some old bangles add a charm and you have a great Spring piece!!! 



DIY Shourouk Inspired Bracelet

First time I saw these Shourouk bracelets I knew I had to make some myself! And when the drawstring on my brother´s hoodie (sorry) came out in the washer, it lost the battle to some scissors and my crafting obsession! 

But look at the result (I am sure it looks way better on my wrist compared to in the hood :)

You will need a pair of rhinestone earrings (I am using the rest of the once I used in this post), a drawstring from a hoodie (or round shoelace), pliers, scissors, needle and thread, and lighter.

Photocredit top left picture

I dont trust glue so I always sew! But if you do, go for it!!! :)


DIY Girly Miansai Bracelet

This is a girly take on the Miansai bracelets I wrote about here. I mean, I do love the fish hook, (and ill prob be making one of those later toooo….) but I was feeling all bright and fluttery this weekend (Spring is in the air and if that issnt a mood booster nothing is!) so what could be better than to whisk up some neon pink + butterfly goodness to brighten up the day when rain comes around (lets face it, its Norway it always does).

I used the cord from a fancy shopping bag (never underestimate the power of saving goodies like that!!!!!) and the charm is from an old necklace I never use anymore, soooo the way I see it a completely free (and 0 carbon emission… or at least sort of?! I mean nothing was bought, right?!) bracelet! Yay!

I used the nail polish to seal the ends of the rope and the knots, (you can also seal with a lighter but PLEASE be careful)  tie your charm (be smart about your charm choice, the reason why fish hooks, anchors, and butterflies are so great is that they hook in the loop so they won’t fall off…) to the rope, measure your wrist and tie a loop at the end.

I like it when the loop is big, it looks cool and if you found the right charm it won’t fall off anyway!

Let us know how it goes! :)