DIY Stack'em bracelet

This is the perfect project if you have leftover material and you're like me and HATE to throw it out (it's expensive after all right? I'm always thinking.. "wait, I might need this for another project"). Well, unless you make a project for it, trust me chances are you won't need it. When do you ever need those last 6 links of chain that you cut off when you made that really cool necklace (aka. my Guest post over at College Prepster)? or that scrap part of leather string? Never...... right?

Well actually, you will need it right now!!! These bracelets are so easy to make and look great stacked with other bracelets or just a dozen of them... depending of how much of a hoarder you are. 

You will need:
Lobster clasp
Some chain (there's a ton of different once that might look cute!!)
Two jump rings
Some leather string
Two "ends" (you can scroll down to see what they look like)
Long nosepliers

Depending on if you want more leather or more chain to show, I used 6 links of chain and then for the rest of the length i used the leather string, the length also depends on your wrist. 

Fold the leather string so its double and pull the loop through the last link of the chain.

Pull the ends of the string through the loop and tighten. 

Do exactly the same on the other side of the chain.

Then you loop the "end" around the two pieces of leather string, remember to measure the leather so it fits your wrist. 

and clamp it together with a pair of pliers. 

Repeat on both sides and cut of the excess leather string.

Attach the lobsterclasp to the "ends" with a jump ring.

Tata!!!! :) 


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I choose the supplies for this post myself at Perlehuset without having to pay for it. All opinions are my own. I would never feature projects that I didn’t love, created and wore myself.