DIY Agate drop necklace

When I was little my mum used to take me to different craft stores (mind you NOT because she was especially keen on it…) and I loved every sec of it. My very favorite one was close to her work and I could spend hours in there just planning little projects and looking at all the sparkles.  You know the expression “ like a kid in a candy shop?” well, this was my candy shop ( I’m corny).

Now I have partnered up with that very craft store (I know, an OMG, jumping up and down, arms flailing -moment!!). They are letting me go crazy (literally) in their store and use their equipment and beads to make you guys DIY’s! How awesome are these people? The store is called Perlehuset, and is located in Majorstuen in Oslo, BUT let me tell you dear friends, since most of you are not from Norway… how perfect is it that they also have an online store (its in Norwegian, but im sure you all know the language by now :) ... and google translate certainly does, so just click YES in the "do you wish to translate this" pop up (if you use the google browser) ) they also have a facebook page you can check out. 

Agate has been everywhere for the last year, and I am definitely not the first one to feature a tutorial using it. But its just too awesome not to get craft'y with!! So here we go, an Agate necklace:

You will need:
One agate disk with a hole in one end
Gold charms
Thing gold chain
A few small jump rings
One big jump ring 

I started by making the "tassel" but whatever floats your boat. To make it, you add a jump ring to a 3 cm long piece of chain. Then you add your charms to the chain with jump rings. I just made mine a random pattern, since all my charms were the same. But I would imagine it would be nice to add a bigger one at the end.

Then attach the (lets just call it at tassel) to the agate disk with the big jump ring. 

Measure the chain, I wanted my necklace to be fairly long. Then pull it through the jump ring. Since I opted for a long necklace I didn't add a clasp (this one is for you Aneta :) sorry, inside joke) I just fasten the two ends of the chain with a jump ring. 


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I choose the supplies for this post myself at Perlehuset without having to pay for it. All opinions are my own. I would never feature projects that I didn’t love, created and wore myself.