DIY Three strand bracelet

Variation is not my thing. I get hooked on a specific thing and then adore that and only that till I  find something new. I am like that with everything: songs (sorry person in the office next to me, that has to listen to the same song on repeat Michael Kiwanuka Home Again) food (when taco was my fav (for SIX months) I was giving my mum an aneurysm). I think you get the drift soooo anyway, this summer it’s been bracelets. I HAVE BEEN HOOKED! Come winter though it is too cold for me to even show a tad of wrist so I promise you all, my focus will shift, but for now... for a few laaast days of summer I am still on the bracelet train. 

You will need: 
Jewelry wire
Crimping beads
Seed beads
Cotton string
Two silver beads for the string ends
Two jump rings
Long nose pliers

1. Attach the jewelry wire to a jump ring with a crimping bead. If you have never used one, all you need to do is to is to pull the wire through and squeeze it with a pair of pliers. 

2. Start adding your seed beads, I am using silver once. 

3. When you have added as many as you want, add a crimp bead, then take the jewelry wire through another jump ring, then back through the crimp bead and squeeze the crimp bead with a set of pliers.

4. Repeat steps 1. through 3. again, but use the two jump rings that you already have.

5. repeat steps 1 through 3 again, but once you are done, fasten the wire with a jump bead and cut of the access wire.
TIP: It looks nice if the three different strands are different length. 

6. Pull the cotton string through the two jump rings like the picture.

7. Then pull them back to the back of the bracelet.

8. Make a macramé lock (shown here)