DIY Friendship bracelet lock

Holly Crap, who let me loose on the socialmedia scene?? I have already told you about my twitter obsession (after I joined last week, I know totally last century of me to wait), BUT go figure I should'nt be allowed in social media scene. Today I accidentally challenged one of my very fav baking bloggers to a bake-off, yaiks! Check out Bridget's amazing blog here, and understand why a bake-off with this pretty baker would not be a great idea (unless you are really into losing, which I am definitely not).

Like I have said before, I have a hard time making friendship bracelets, not because I dont love love love them, but because they are SO time consuming. That's why I made these once with a lock so I can take them on and off, YAY! For my fav friendship bracelet tutorial, check this out.

After following the tutorial I ended the bracelet by making the end square. (Do you see how I didnt do the last the mint floss all the way to the center? This is how you do it.)

Divide the loose strings in the center and braid them in to separate braids, when you have braided about 1cm on each side, merge them making it into one braid. Keep braiding for your desired length and tie off.

On the opposite side of the bracelet, braid the lengt for the bracelet to fit your wrist and tie on the button.

TATA, a reusable (glam'ed up with a tad of gold) friendship bracelet!