DIY Dezso inspired friendship bracelet

Do you guys remember my post about the fab Dezso jewelry?

Well, they have been on my mind so much that I just had to take the time to sit down and make a look-a-like! I normally dread the typical friendship bracelets. I love them and all, but theres just too much time that has to be set aside just to make one single one! (... impatient... )

Well anyway, I found the time to do it and I'm really happy I did! Hope you enjoy this version of the popular friendship bracelets! :)

You will need:
Thick cotton string, (to make the same width as me you need 6 strings, each 160cm long)
Jump ring
Button (plusss some patience and extra time) 

I started by folding all my strings double and tying them in a knot that would match the size of my button (aka, not too big and not too small)

I just started by making a friendship bracelet, I really love this tutorial if you don't already know how to make one. Then I tied all the loose ends together with the one next to it and added some clear nail polish to seal the ends. Tie your button to the two center strings and cut all the ends off. 

Add the jump ring and then the charm to the jump ring! Easy as that!!

Hope all you americans are loading up with some extra sleep for tomorrows celebration!