DIY Braid-a-Bracelet

This DIY is the perfect gift for a friend! Well, I guess most DIY jewelry are really, but I gave this to one of my best friends, so I think you all should do the same ;) 

I am still on summer vaca, and I'm totally experiencing how when you have nothing to do but relax, its so hard to get yourself to do anything! Not having stuff I really need to be doing, is making me so lazy! Have you ever felt like that?


Anyway, we are braiding ourselves another bracelet! YAY! remember this one? the way we are doing it is sort of the same, but the result is so different! 


1. You will need:
Leather string
Ball chain
Gold wire
A skull (or other kind of) bead or button
Long nose pliers

2. Cut two pieces of leather so that one is twice the length as the other. Measure the chain to be the same length as the shorter of the two. (The length depends on how many times you want it wrapped around your wrist)

3. Attach the longest leather string to the skull and tie a knot.

4. Use some gold wire to fasten the remaining leather and chain as well.

5. Cut off the excess wire.

6. Braid normally but one of the three pieces will be both a leather string and the gold ball chain.

7. Finish off the braid with a loop that fits tightly around the skull.

8. Fasten everything with gold wire. 

(and I promise to try to change my lazy vaca ways)