DIY Pearl Charm Bracelet

My sister is finally home and it was a happy reunion. We have a full girls night planned (aka. 2 nights with Mac's, Nat geo on the TV and Nacho dip!!!)

I have really fallen back in love with seed beads! They make the cutest little bracelets and they are so great to stack.  Today we are making cute little once with a fresh water charm left from this DIY . Fresh water pearls are really cool, their uneven texture and chape just gives them a more natural look, that I love. 

Wearing: DIY bracelet here, seed bead bracelet without charm, two seed bead bracelet with pearl charm.

This DIY is sort of the base for a cool seed bead bracelet, you can do so many different combos with colors and charms. 

I have divided it in to 3 different tutorials (one to come tomorrow), just cause they can all be combined in many different ways.

For the base you will need, seed beads, the string I am using for the actual bracelet is sort of a fishline with a fabric-ish cover?? does anyone know that that is called in english?  

For the charm a head pin, round nosed pliers and some sort of bead, pearl or crystal. 

This is the base for the seed bead bracelet. I chose to add some fresh water pearl charms, this is how you make them yourself:

I mean it is super easy to just tie them to your wrist, but I like to make adjustable locks with just scraps of cotton string, ill show you how to do that tomorrow.