DIY Parachute statement necklace

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It's Saturday again, and its so nice to get a little breather! I am instructing my bodybalance class later (as always on a Saturday) but right now, it's all sunshine, baking and relaxing with my sister (wow, let's pretend its the 50's shall we?)!

I have done several statement necklaces tutorials (ex here) but this is quickly turning into a favorite, just cause you can actually layer it with other necklaces (the more the merrier right?)

You will need: parachute thread (love this craft supplies, I also used it here) or if you can't find that I am sure shoelace would work just fine, chain, lobster clasp, string, a few beads (I used 5 big facetted round once), 25mm wide clamp rings from the hardware store and thats it! :)

I am using macrame technique for the brown center, (in depth of macrame how too here, more tutorials using macrame hereherehere and here! Wow, as you can see iv been doing this a lot, hahahaha)