T-shirt Update Kate Spade Style

Bonjour everyone! I am back from an amazing trip to Paris, what a city!! Returning with a massive flu and pumped full of antibiotics, oh well.. all worth it! 

I will give you all a load-down of the amazing places we visited as soon as I'm fever free. I am sure you are all aware of my Kate Spade obsession by now. The bi-daily email update always bring me so much inspiration and this lovely T was just screaming DIY. How cool is it that, they are making something as casual as a T into such a pulled together piece. I decided to update my fav J.crew T and add a black bow. 

Photocredit right picture

All you need is a T, needle and thread, and some gros grain ribbon (I got mine from a fancy shopping bag, how great is that?? recycling rocks! This specific bags is from one of my fav shoe stores! It is in Trondheim, so my mum and I always visit when we are up there!  30 min and some sewing later, tata! Can't wait to wear it!!