Old Shirt, New Skirt!

I know I have been ranting so much about spring in Norway, and well… the world decided to prove me wrong. I woke up in disbelief today thinking: I must still be dreaming (a horrible nightmare about living inside a snow globe, brr), but no.. time to face the fact.. it was actually snowing outside, big, bright, golf ball size cotton balls.. I guess this is what I get from living where only polar bears are made to live.

A few weeks back when there was still green grass on the ground (I know that sounded backwards, and trust me it totally feel backwards!!), a nice 15C and the sky was bright blue (aw, what a great time). I was going out to see friends, I had not yet taken my summer wardrobe down from the attic (and now its def staying up there) but wanted to wear a skirt. So here is a tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt from a stretch long sleeve.

How great is this? It gave me so many more outfits with no extra cost, I mean we all have some long-sleeved laying around right?

The best part for? No cutting included so you can wear it as a long sleeve again tomorrow if you want! More bang for your wardrobe buck is always awesome!

By the way, if you are wondering why I don't have hands. Right back at ya!! I guess my mum doesn't like my hands and decided to chop them off in every single picture.