DIY Freshwater Pearl Earrings

This weekend could not come any sooner (Is that the case every week maybe??). I feel like I have been running a life marathon for the last months, in between visiting my grand pap, vaca in Pairs, spa with my mum, and normal work there hasn’t been time for much else! Not that I needed anything, these were all amazing events and so much fun, but it will be nice with a weekend with no plans (except a few dinners and a gym class, haha)! Well, hopefully I won't be bored for after so much action a full weekend of nothing might just be too much! I am counting on the blogosphere to keep me occupied. To be honest I am already getting ants in my pants, I need something fun to happen. 

I showed you the freshwater pearls earrings I made at my grands paps (here ) (digression: Man that was a crafty weekend, maybe up north is my inspirational heaven and I need to go there all the time now?? Anyway…) So, like I said I broke a pearl bracelet and decided to make it in to earrings.

You will need: round metal beads, earring hoops, fresh water pearls (or other beads, I am sure Swarovski beads would look great) and those metal pins with flat bottoms (what are they called please English speaking people?)

1. Add your bead to the pin.

2. Bend it around your round nosed pliers

3. After twisting it around the top of the bead a few times, cut off the excess.

4. Add the freshwater pearl "charms" you made and the round metall beads every other time.

5. Add as many as you want, I like them to be a bit over half full! attach the hoop and you are ready to wear them!! YAY :)

Try it with different beads and metal colors! Hope you enjoy! let me know how it goes!