DIY Wrap Bracelet

There are so many great wrap bracelets out there, but Chan Luu is my fav! 

But for 220 Euros a piece they are a bit pricy!! Well, not to worry because they are suuuper easy to make yourself! it is a bit time consuming depending on how many times you want them to wrap, but so worth it!! When you are done, make a few knots that way you can regulate the size!! go crazy with beads and colors!! 

** updated instructions here**

You tie your thick cotton string and a transparent beading line (or fishing line, whatever you have around) to your button. Make sure that you have two long pieces of cotton string cause they will be your “base”.

Start by adding a bead to the transparent line, loop it around the left one cotton string, then back through your bead. Loop the transparent line around the right cotton string before you add your next bead. This you repeat until you have it as long as you would like your bracelet to be. When you are done you make a knot (making sure to include the transparent line and fasten it securely). Make another knot a bit from the first one, that will let you close your bracelet with the button. If you want to be able to adjust the size keep making knots for at many options as you would like (see the waaay bottom right picture).

** Update: the lengt of the strings I used was 25inch*2 (so 50) for the thick cotton string, and the same for the fish/beading line. **

Hope you are as thrilled by this as me!! (cause this might be my fav DIY in a long time!!)