DIY Gold Clover Bracelets

I woke up to 10 cm of fresh snow (and a raving sinus cold)… To give you some perspective that is more than the amount Rome has gotten in the last 26 YEARS* (a mere 3h plane ride away)! For my mental health it was important to:

1. Stay in bed a bit longer

2. Remember that in a month my two of my great friends and I are going to Paris for a long spring weekend! (YAY)!

Some intense research online shows that I def need to add the fabric stores around Montmartre a visit, the bead store district (which is also the sex store areas… I guess only in Paris) in Les Halles, as well as the “ Les Puces de St-Ouen” flea market bead booth. And once again I have a spring in my step. 

Thank God for the internet (and let’s not forget cheap plane tickets!) If anyone has must do’s in Paris feel free to share! The Amazing Alicia from Dismount Creative did another take on the Hair elastic / bracelet we did the other day, it looks great so check it out here

Today is another Arm Candy Day (I never get sick of them) so follow the beadathlon and get started!

I am hoping to wake up with less snot on my face then what I did yesterday (Sorry for sharing), so this is sleepy time for me lovelies! Ta ta! (ohh, and do share Pairs To-Do's).