DIY Girly Miansai Bracelet

This is a girly take on the Miansai bracelets I wrote about here. I mean, I do love the fish hook, (and ill prob be making one of those later toooo….) but I was feeling all bright and fluttery this weekend (Spring is in the air and if that issnt a mood booster nothing is!) so what could be better than to whisk up some neon pink + butterfly goodness to brighten up the day when rain comes around (lets face it, its Norway it always does).

I used the cord from a fancy shopping bag (never underestimate the power of saving goodies like that!!!!!) and the charm is from an old necklace I never use anymore, soooo the way I see it a completely free (and 0 carbon emission… or at least sort of?! I mean nothing was bought, right?!) bracelet! Yay!

I used the nail polish to seal the ends of the rope and the knots, (you can also seal with a lighter but PLEASE be careful)  tie your charm (be smart about your charm choice, the reason why fish hooks, anchors, and butterflies are so great is that they hook in the loop so they won’t fall off…) to the rope, measure your wrist and tie a loop at the end.

I like it when the loop is big, it looks cool and if you found the right charm it won’t fall off anyway!

Let us know how it goes! :)