DIY Bedazzle SnappOn Cuff

Can you guys believe we are already half way through the week, and already in March? Today we got more snow, so depressing… I was so ready for spring and already had my patent red loafers out for a stroll, but no… I forget, we are in only March in Norway so I’ll have to keep my Kodiaks / Uggs  out for a bit longer. 

For this DIY you will need a pair of old earrings, needle, and thread, fabric glue, pliers (and scissors) snap bracelet (If you guys have a Whimseybox subscription there was one in it (YAY)! If not, WHY??? its the coolest thing since the Birkin bag, ACTUALLY!!!) or snap reflex band, and 2,5 inch wide grosgrain ribbon. Make sure the ribbon you get is wider than the snap bracelet! That way you get some width to your cuff and enough room to glue the ribbon together on either side.

I only had a snap reflex band at hand so I peeled off the reflex and tried to make it shorter not the best choice but once it was done and the sharp edges were concealed by black duct tape it worked pretty well. This DIYwould work so much better with a snap bracelet though! I divided my earrings in to pieces and made a pattern, I sowed the pieces to the ribbon. Then I glued the ribbon to the snap bracelet. (make sure it can still snapp shut, you dont want the ribbon to short in the edges. ) Let the stunner dry up and then you are ready to take it on a stroll! 

Have fun with it :)