Random shenanigans week 15

week summary of 15

I don't know about you, but I spend a VAST amount of time on the internet. The weekly summary will be filled with the awesomeness that is the internet. DIYs, weekly NEEDs, cool articles and random dog videos. 

  • Since I haven't done any Easter DIYs this year ill lead you to two of my favs on the web, picture 1 here and 2 here :)
  • DIY: This one isn't new, but it's still one of my favs. 
  • Need: I seriously need to get my hands on some of this Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur!!! Hilariously awesome!  
  • Recipes: I try to test at least one new receipt every week. Sometimes they suck, or it might just be my execution that suck. Sometimes though I find some that I return to time and time again (#win), this is one of them! It's a delish, SUPER easy, one pot, sort of pad thai pasta dish. I like it better with rice noodles (compared to pasta in the receipt) but whatever floats your boat! You find it here, test it!!
  • Pod: I am a podcast lover. I listen to them ALL. THE. TIME. While crafting, laundry, driving, walking they make any mundane task so much more interesting. I have are so many favs, the best one I listened to this week was Debbie Millman's episode on The Tim Ferris Show "How to design a life" (its #214). 

And, that's a few of the awesome things I saw on the web this week! If you saw something cool that you think I should check out till next week, shoot me an email!!!