Im back

This is one of those awkward exercises, cause how do you really write "a first post"? Well, in my case this isn't really my first post. I started make it & fake it for something that feels like hundred years ago (December 2011). A year and a bit later, when I simultaneously got a new job, bought my first place, ended a relationship and got a dog there just wasn't enough time in my designated 24h a day, to keep blogging. Bloggy life was put on hold and life continued. 

And then there is today, 4 years later. I'm still in Oslo Norway, in the same place I bought 4 years ago, the job is a different one, the dog is the same (thank god), and I'm finally back to blogging. 

For those of you new, welcome! For those who are returning, YAY!!! This will still be a place of DIY-fashion, crafting, globetrotting and random shenanigans, hope you enjoy it!! If you want to look back to the olden days of 2011, you find that here (this feels a lot like showing someone my very awkward high school diary btw). One last thing, I'm obviously all over social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest - lets be friends!!


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