DIY101: How to make a tassel


I'm back into the groove of crafting + blogging and wanted to create a new series for you all, DIY101. I mean I know a lot of you are avid crafters and might be thinking "yea yea yea" we know this. But for the rookies out there, that want to join our crafting community, the DIY101 series is for you! I will tackle the basics of crafting and DIYing with simple tutorials where we go back to the basics. Hope you enjoy, and if there are things you want me to create or explain! Let me know and we´ll make a post about it!! Now to our very first DIY101:

How to make a tassel!

I love embroidery floss for this, it comes in a million different colors, its cheap and it consists of several strings which will make the tassel even fluffier, and who doesn't like some fluff (go here to see my dog, which pretty much sums up how much I love fluff)


To make a tassel you will need:

  • Embroidery floss or other type of string or yarn
  • Some cardboard
  • Tape
  • Scissors 

After you do this a few times you could probably skip the taping part, but as a rookie, it's nice that everything stays put.

Start by cutting a rectangle out of cardboard, the width of your cardboard will determine how long your tassel will be.
Then tape a few inches of thread to the top of the cardboard, you will later use this thread to tie together the top of the tassel, let's just call it "thread 1". 

Then tape the thread you will use to make the tassel, to the bottom corner of the cardboard. I tend to not cut off a specific length, but just holding the ball of yarn or embroidery floss and twist it around the cardboard. If you are using the same embroidery floss as on the picture above you will probably use one full ball (if this is the case, make sure you save a few inches for the last few steps, aka don't use up all your thread making loops, you will need som in the end :) ) 


Keep twisting the thread around the cardboard till you have the desired size of your tassel. Then remove all the tape and ease the soon-to-be-tassel off the cardboard, making sure that "thread 1" stays inside the loops of thread. 


Make a knot with "thread 1", tying together the loops of thread. Take a few inches of the same colour thread and tie around the loops right under the knot of "thread 1". 


At the bottom of the first picture you see that the threads are still in loops, take a scissor and cut them all, opening it up to a tassel. You might want to trim some of the tassel threads if they are not all the same length after cutting the loops. And there you go, a pretty, fluffy tassel!!! 

I for one have never said (meaning written) thread more times in my life, but I hope this was understandable and that you will try yourself! Please tag me if you do and let me know how it goes, you find me on Instagram under @makeitandfakeit

If you want to use your fab new tassel, I am guest posting over at U create today and let's just say, tassels are involved! 


DIY101: How to make a tassel