DIY WTF Tshirt

So this isn't really your typical easter DIY, but the internet has so many good once so why compete! (Side note: Ill be posting some of my fav on my insta here!)

I normally like projects that are max 30min (no patience!!), however over easter break, you might have some extra time for a longer project (about 1h) and that's where this DIY comes in. After seeing all the spring fashion with the embroidery and patched, I knew I had so many things that could use an update. Sometimes, just updating a piece gives it the "new feel" we crave, so in my head, Im saving money by not shopping and also not buying anything new aka being green! HELLO, good conscience!

Loving monograms I went for letters, it doesn't necessarily have to be your name, I find the; OMG, WTF, LOL`s really funny (Simple humor is great!!). But hearts, stars, and other shape outlines are also great projects for embroidery rookie. However, if your not a newbie, flowers are AWESOME!! I will do an inspiration piece on different looks that would work great with this technique next week.


To update a T-shirt you will need: 

-Something you want to update like a T or sweater
-Thread/embroidery floss in a color you like (If you choose to do say red on a white T, I would wash the thread two times in the laundry first just to make sure you dont end up with a pink T when you wash it) 
-Needle with a hole big enough for the thread you choose


You find my full post on how to make chain stitched here, which is what I used in this DIY but just a quick run through on how I started it. 

First, I used a pencil (that I knew would wash out in the laundry) and traced my letters.
For the embroidery, I used embroidery floss that I split up. I only used 3 out of the 6 separat threads the floss cnsists of. Then i just made a knot and started stitching. Easy peasy! 


Again, for the full tutorial on how to make the chain stitched, you find that here.


When I was done, I fastened the thread in the back side of my stitches made a knot and cut of the rest of the thread.  


Hope you are all having a great EASTER!! This is the perfect DIY for when you have some extra time off between family events over the holidays :)